Map Experience an adventure tour with one of the biggest nomad tribes of Iran, Bakhtiari people. Camp in the wonderful nature of Shoushtar, stay in local tents of nomads and visit the beautiful village of Iran. Visit Kouhrang, a county with a wonderful nature, Kouhrang springs & Sheykh Alikhan waterfall. Stay overnight with tribes in Nomadic camps. In this trip we join the tribe's migration to winter places. You can see how they manage their new life and you can take photos of their migration too. You will also visit the prime attractions of Tehran and Shushtar like the Old Bazaar of Tehran, Milad Tower, Golestan Palace and in Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System.



  • Duration: 12 days & 12 nights
  • Countries: (1) Iranian Nomads Migration (12 Days)
  • Experiences: 12
  • Ages: 15 - 45+
  • Starting Point: İran
  • Ending Point: İran

Iranian Nomads Migration

      Day 1          Date Arrive in Tehran. Welcoming by our representative who holds the sign of your name. Transfer to the hotel and take rest.

(Overnight Tehran)

      Day 2 Full day Tehran city tour to know Iranian culture and behavior including: Archeological National Museum, Golestan Palace (One of Iran’s UNESCO World Heritages), Old Bazaar of Tehran, Having dinner in Milad Tower and visiting it.

(Overnight Tehran)

      Day 3 Driving to Khouzestan Province, A short visit of Falak-ol-Aflak Castle in Khoram Abad, Arrive in Shoushtar, Stay at traditional Sarabi hotel.

(Overnight Shoushtar)

      Day 4 Visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, continue to Masjed Soleyman and Andika, Stay in Karoon1 Dams Island at local Villas.

(Overnight in Karoon1 Island)

      Day 5 Driving to some villages to see how the tribes get ready for the migration, Camping or stay at local tents of nomads (Siah Chador).

(Overnight camping or local tents)

      Day 6 Continue with the tribes (walking with them), enjoying the nature and being with them, visiting some beautiful attractions like Oak Forests of Zagros, Shimbar (Shirin Bahar) Lagoon and Khoda-Afarin Historical bridge.

(Overnight camping or local tents)

      Day 7 Driving to Bazoft (Telord Town), enjoy the nature and culture like Sheykh Ali alley  waterfall, Bazoft River, and the wonderful tombstones of the Bakhtiyari cemeteries, Stay at local house in Bazoft.

(Overnight Bazoft)

      Day 8 Continue the road with the tribes to winter places and see how they manage their new life.

(Overnight camping or local tents)

      Day 9 Continue to Kouhrang (Chelgerd City), the capital of the winter places of Bakhtiari Nomads and enjoying the road and attractions.

(Overnight Kouhrang Nomadic camp)

      Day 10 Visit some attractions like Kouhrang spring, Sheykh Alikhan waterful, and the tribes.

(Overnight Kouhrang Nomadic camp)

      Day 11 We will go to Sar-Agha-Seyyed village to see this beautiful village and the tribes around the road.

(Overnight Kouhrang Nomadic camp)

      Day 12 Return to Esfahan and finish the trip.



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